Make a Wish List!

In days gone by, feel-good Holiday movies sold us a dream.

That the people who loved us would divine from the four elements the perfect gift we’ve been pining over all year.

Then we got the 3rd or 4th thing we wanted on our list, IF WE WERE LUCKY!

Feelings of disappointment would creep in, and we’d begin to doubt our loved ones.

“Do they really know me?”

“Did they even pay attention to the hints I’ve been dropping all year?”

“Do they even really care?”

Gift-giving became bitter-sweet; High anticipation, followed by an equally high let-down.

We were told wrong.

Those magic moments when someone mind-melds with us and gets everything right doesn’t happen.

It’s our job to tell the ones around us what we want.

At least until telepathy becomes a thing.