Two Goobs
To us, the term ‘goob’ is a melting pot of silly, cute, witty and unexpectedly ridiculous, which we often are. This word is the epitome of our relationship.

We’ve been goobing it up since early 2013, when we met online and took each other off the market. Our creative energy feeds off of each other and motivates us to constantly refine ourselves and be better. It’s this last part that sparked us to make Two Goobs.

What are you hoping to achieve?

We hope to make a positive impact on your life, be it a laugh that brightens your day or by helping you see something in a new light!

Who are Adan And Emily?

“A Confident creative soul who never gives up once she’s set her mind to it.”

Emily gets A Cold Chill

Growing up in a small farm town if anything, gives you an imaginative spirit for adventure and excitement. A lady with a zest for the bright and colorful, she loves trying her hand at any new artistic medium that presents itself. Confident and passionate, Emily has been kicking ass and taking names for years. She’s a die hard horror fanatic who’s always got a prank on deck. Her musical tastes and movie selections may vary, but two things ring true: nothing beats an 80s jam and Kurt Russell is her Icon. You can find Emily on Instagram and Pinterest. written by Adan

“Undoubtedly artistic and charismatic, a renaissance man who can find a solution to any problem.”

Having grown up in the Caribbean, his creativity has the best of two completely different cultures. His inner thoughts and images are constantly put to paper as he never leaves home without a notebook and a pen! Inherently curious, Adan’s creative juices keep flowing whether it be for an artistic endeavor or finding the perfect blend of spices for the most delicious piece of chicken! From the exterior with his muskrat fur and leather hat, he appears calm, cool and collected, but his inner nerd is screaming to be let out. Adan posts on Twitter and Instagram. written by Emily

Adan sees that it still isn't fixed yet