To Write or Not to Write

Thinking about to write is a scary concept.

Hitting a blank in your mind all while turmoil subconsciously brews about whether anyone will resonate with what you’re saying. Whether you’ve said it already and if people are getting tired of something that sounds familiar.

Whether it’s worth writing anything at all.

To someone looking at this from the outside, it may look like you’re sitting at a desk, pen in hand and staring into space.

Or even just you staring into space because you’re mentally projecting yourself in the above-mentioned scenario and you haven’t physically made it to the desk.

A day can go by, and you can have something written, or nothing at all.

Time flies, and it’s flying by at the same speed regardless of what you do.

Redefining “Selfish”

“Selfish” gets a bad rap.

It serves as a catch-all for some positive terms, and many more negative ones. So it’s no surprise that few people would want to take actions that would be in their best interests if it could seem selfish to others or themselves.

In this video, we separate the good parts of selfishness from the rest.