Voting and Your Rights

Objectively, we have it easy.

We don’t have any wars to suffer through, we don’t kill people for their sexual choices (for the most part), and we’re under the leadership of someone the majority of us have chosen to be in that position of power.

How information and misinformation is passed out to people is something that is well-thought out and carefully measured. Realizing that not everyone wants the same thing as you can be hard to see when things are going well, and when things aren’t going well is often too late.

Here is where time machines would white knight whatever went wrong and save us from inaction or making the wrong decision.

The thing is, we don’t have time machines. So the best thing we can do is make a decision, even if it turns out to be the wrong decision.

You can still learn from having made the wrong decision. You can’t learn anything from making no decision at all.



The Ever Evolving About Me Page

It’s not very often that you revisit the About Me section of your website. Once you figure out what you’re about and who you want the world to see, you’re pretty much set. This just shouldn’t be the case. Your About Me says everything about you and your brand – it lets people know just how serious you are. ¬†We as humans are constantly evolving and bettering ourselves, so why shouldn’t your About Me on your website?

A wordy About Me can be kind of a turn off for a website, which is why Adan and I chose to break it up into a few different sections. While we could easily expand, we wanted to keep it clean, simple and to the point. If you’ve got an interesting website name, briefly explain the meaning and why it’s important. It might not be something obvious, so you could lose followers because of this.

Briefly share the history of your brand. Something I love to read about with a personal brand or up-incoming website is their beginnings. How did they start out? Did something or someone inspire them? Those sweet first chapters can really grab a person’s interest in story that has yet to be told.

What you’re hoping to achieve will round out the page. This is the value or inspiration you will be giving your followers. When Two Goobs was born, our About Me was merely us describing ourselves and sharing the things we liked. Now, we’ve narrowed down our message and are seeking to make a positive impact on your life. We’re sharing out experiences and the lessons we’ve learned over time, and inspiring each other to be more creative in every aspect of our daily lives.

You are evolving as a person, so should your About Me page.

Thanks for Saying Thanks

When we first meet someone, it’s easy to appreciate the things about them that caught our attention in the first place.

Over time, our level of comfort with that person can rise to levels where we can easily assume that they know about our feelings for them, and assumptions can quickly erode into neglect.

We say thanks for the other person as much as we say it for ourselves.

As humans, we get used to things very quickly, and without regular reminders about what’s important in our lives, we can slip into routines that do a disservice to ourselves and the ones we love.

TMI Calling Out Of Work

Calling out of Work when you work in an inflexible environment can be… challenging to say the least.

We often have to creatively embellish, edit, or warp the actual circumstances to make the reason for the call-out palatable to our bosses.

We’re people, at the end of the day, and we all have human problems to deal with.

Hana ga saita yo: A Song that Stays with You

Aku no Hana.

I watched this anime a few months aback, and loved it. It was different from the normal style of animation, using rotoscoping, a technique where actors/actresses are recorded live then animation is applied over the captured video.

Snapshot from the Aku no Hana Anime

Snapshot from the Aku no Hana Anime

Aku no Hana also hit upon many themes which told a very realistic and human story.

Each episode, just as it was coming to an end, this song would start and play through the credits. It was timed very well, and was a fitting end-note that felt more like a gentle goodbye until the next episode in the series

Normally, the impact of a soundtrack doesn’t last past the end of my viewing. The same is largely true for Movies and TV. However, the music was itching at my mind recently and I felt compelled to track it down on Youtube. The Sound design in Anime adds so much to the experience, yet it’s easy to miss great songs while absorbing what’s happening on screen.