To Write or Not to Write

Thinking about to write is a scary concept.

Hitting a blank in your mind all while turmoil subconsciously brews about whether anyone will resonate with what you’re saying. Whether you’ve said it already and if people are getting tired of something that sounds familiar.

Whether it’s worth writing anything at all.

To someone looking at this from the outside, it may look like you’re sitting at a desk, pen in hand and staring into space.

Or even just you staring into space because you’re mentally projecting yourself in the above-mentioned scenario and you haven’t physically made it to the desk.

A day can go by, and you can have something written, or nothing at all.

Time flies, and it’s flying by at the same speed regardless of what you do.

Ep086: Rethinking Pen Pals

There’s nothing quite like receiving a thoughtful handwritten note. It’s personable, compassionate, and coming from a loving place. In this modern age, sending a quick text is easy, but taking the time to brush up on your cursive is a far more meaningful way to express yourself.


[1:37] Emily’s pen pal experience.

[3:51] Privacy concerns.

[5:39] Keeping the notes safe.

[7:03] Handwritten notes versus long emails.

[8:46] Small notes.

[10:32] “Surprise notes” – Timed release.

[13:23] Stabilizing schedules/bridging the gap.

Takeaway: Take the time to hand write a note for your loved one today!

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MURAOW’S JOURNAL Weekly Check-in

Epic Fail.

Didn’t write anything until this morning (2 pages) though I started to write on the 8th and the 9th, but got 3 lines in and had 4 different paths I could take with the “open nature” of what I wrote; Paralysis, then it was time to leave for work.

I did, however, take the time to solidify two story arcs, one based on Littletown, the other in a retold primal era, which is also the weekly clip. Also came across Kurt Vonnegut’s thesis graphs of the Shape of Stories which has got my brain whirring 🙂


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Ep060: Writing Music

This is the Everything is Like Dating Podcast.

On this episode we discuss what music is best for writing and why we need it.



[2:11] How did this come up?

[3:09] “For me, a little bit of music helps.” -Adan

[3:34] “Sometimes I’ll have a playlist..” -Adan

[4:07] “Blue Noise.”

[5:00] Critters Skittering

[6:00] Different music genres for different goals.

[6:09] “I have a specific song…” -Adan

[7:25] “I don’t know if that would work for me.” – Emily

[8:33] Techno/Trip Hop – No lyrics.

[9:00] Third Eye Blind on repeat.

[9:57] “I want to be available, but I also want to tune everything out.”

Takeaway: Maybe it’s not writer’s block, maybe you just haven’t found the right song.


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